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This is the extraordinary story of Dominique lapierre�s love affair with India, from his first 20, 000 kilometre drive across the subcontinent in a veteran silver cloud Rolls-Royce gathering unique testimonies for his epic account of India�s independence, to his later encounters with the country disinherited and its saints, who taught him a wonderful lesson in sharing and hope and gave birth to the internationally renowned book and film, �the city of joy�. it is a tale of maharajas and rickshaw pullers, of interviews with Indira Gandhi and the brother of Gandhian assassin, of life-changing meetings with mother Teresa and the victims of the Bhopal disaster, of pig sticking on horseback, of life in the slums with a Swiss nurse, and of saving a home for children affected by Leprosy. Above all, it is an insight into how India, with its immense mosaic of people and fascinating culture stole a frenchman�s heart and turned his life into a testimony to the fact that �all that is not given is lost�.
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Language English
Bookmart ID BOOK202102280709091116
ISBN10 8176212482
ISBN13 9.79E+12
No. of Pages 259gm
Edition 1st Edition
Year of Publication 2014
Binding Paperback
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